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caspian hat dance
We have developed a characteristic sound through over four hundred live performances, largely influenced by Eastern European gypsy/klezmer music, strains of South American and Italian folk, and what we dream about at night when everybody else has gone to sleep.
Our shows are a blend of high energy and great musical complexity, ongoing interchanging of instruments and languages, a blend of unusual compositions and visceral folkloric music, and inescapable demands for encore after encore.
We have played nearly everywhere conceivable in Amsterdam and have toured Holland and the European lands to the West, East, and South. We play in bars, squares, cafes, squats, and concert stages, in your living room, on your laptop and on your rooftop.
We are a street band that plays in sold-out concert halls and a concert-hall band that plays in plazas and squatted buildings.
We sing at the violin and the accordion, the guitar, the double & electric bass, the drum-kit, the African dum-dum, the Andean charango & quena, and our own voices.
We sing in Romani, German, Hungarian, Macedonian, and some languages we made up ourselves.
Nothing you can see or hear on this website compares to seeing us live.


We have had the honour to play:

Twice with Balog József and Agi, from Hungarian Gypsy band Etnorom, formerly of Kalyi Jag. József is the composer of the beautiful "Mori Shej, Sabina". (2010.10, 2007.11)
In Hungary at Budapest's Gödör Klub and Veszprém Street Music Festival
Before legendary Colombian folk singer Toto la Momposina. (2010.08)
At Benelux's biggest world music festival, Festival Mundial, alongside Flogging Molly, Babylon Circus, Calle 13, and Ozomatli (2010.06), and at the Tilburg Gipsy Festival alongside Taraf de Haïdouks + Kočani Orkestar, Di Naye Kapelye, and Lajko Felix. (2012.06)
Before Macedonian Gypsy brass band Kočani Orkestar in Amsterdam. (2010.06)
Alongside Gypsy Klezmer Folk Punk rockers The Zydepunks in New Orleans. (2009.07)
For thousands of people as the closing act of Holland's Oerol Festival, at the Groene Strand. (2009.06)
Together with Hungarian Gypsy band Parno Graszt in Budapest. (2007.08, 2009.01)
Hanging many meters off the ground in a geodesic circus tent (2008.01)
At village weddings and folk festivals in Hungary and Romania. (2007.06-2007.08)
Many times in Amsterdam's Melkweg. (2007.07, 2007.07, 2007.05, 2008.01) and Paradiso (2006.09, 2006.12, 2008.01, 2009.05, 2009.12)
In all of Holland's major cities and concert venues, as well as nearly every country in Europe
At the Roma Tent at Budapest's sziget festival (before being kicked out by the proprietors, who found the lyrics too scandalous) (2007.07)
Countless times in Amsterdam's finest culture space, Cultureel Theehuis Mezrab
Alongside Che Sudaka, the Antwerp Gypsy Ska Orchestra, the Bucket Boyz, Oi Va Voi, Zibabu, The Amsterdam Klezmer Band, de Beatzers, Mala Vita, Club Era, and La Kinky Beat

the caspians

October 27: OCCII with Balkan Beat Bar

It is seriously, really happening.

The Caspians are reuniting at the end of October, 2018, to play shows in Amsterdam, Budapest, and Balaton.

The CD which we had left unfinished is ready to share with you.

Our first show will be in Amsterdam on October 27*, at the OCCII -- where we played our first major gig 12 years ago!

After that we head to Hungary to play 3 more shows, then back to Amsterdam for 2 more.

You could decide to miss it ... but why, oh why would you?

You can help make this happen! I don't want to give away too much, but it might have something to do with little shiny round pieces of metal issued by "governments".

More on that later.

For now, cancel everything and come around. What's 10 years between friends?

* Note: this will be the only Amsterdam show with Silvi and Juri!


Goodbye (for now?)

farewell.jpgIt is with pleasure alloyed with pain and not a little unconcealed sadness that I announce our goodbye-for-now party this Saturday.

With Valentin leaving for Berlin and Pablo leaving for Uruguay it's not clear what will happen with the band. When people ask how or whether we will keep playing, the only answer we can give (for now) is that we won’t be playing in the near future, at least not in this formation.

So here’s to the songs unsung and the jokes unemailed. (For now).

But I think I speak for all of us that whatever inspired us to do this all this time drives us still, and is perhaps stronger, if different. What’s that you say, put it into words? Oh, that’s easy … it’s a beach in the beautiful country of ____, where night is day and day is also day, it’s the Vondelpark, where you go and sit for a while, it’s those old-style aeroplanes where two guys had to push the propellor to get it moving while the pilot put on his goggles and ate a candy bar, it’s a back page torn out of the book of Europe & the Americas, it’s an Amsterdammer riding a bike, a whole crazy city of Kermits the Frog.

And if we dare say so ourselves, the upcoming album was well worth waiting for.

By all of which I mean to say that we will still be filling the world with noises in some way or other.

So keep your ears open and your heart free of dust and your eyes on the back of the neck of the guy in front of you and march, soldier, march.

And come on Saturday and party with us one last time. For now.

We are scheduled as the first band, which means we really start at 22h!

Eagles & Belgian Beer

eagles.jpg Eddie and the Eagles are on a mission to ‘make it happen’  in this city.

Let's find out what that means!

Thursday, Sep 6 @ OT301.
w/punk and art from Dobre Cultural Platform, EKE Trio Gibson/Hoogland/Jäger, Mau Mau.

And, to celebrate its 15th year anniversary, Café Belgique asked lots of good artists to play.

They also asked us.

Friday, Sep 7 @ Ruigoord
w/Supercity, Los Pistoleros de la Paz, Humanos Mágicos, + DJ's

Come see us blast through ‘Mädchen’ and ‘Conversación de Borracho’ with some special guests and a brand new sound. 

Tilburg Gypsy Festival and More

2012-05-20 friekens.jpg

2012-05-27 tilburg-gypsy-festival.jpg jpg

Tomorrow (Sunday) and next Sunday we are playing two free shows in Amsterdam & Tilburg.

Tomorrow at 19.30 you can catch us at Friekfest, the 10th-year anniversary blowout and quite possibly also goodbye party for Villa Friekens, a squatted free-space -- by now an institution -- in the North of Amsterdam which is slated to be evicted soon.

Next Sunday at 18.20 we will be at the Tilburg Gypsy Festival, where you can also catch the amazing:

Taraf de Haïdouks (Romanian for "Band of Outlaws")
+ Koçani Orkestar

Di Naye Kapelye (Yiddish for "The New Band")
+ The Manyo Band

Amsterdam Klezmer Band (Dutch for "Amsterdam Klezmer Band")

Amariszi (Romani for "She is Ours")

Felix Lajko (Hungarian for "Lajko Felix")

and many more amazing bands, in possibly the coolest Gypsy/East-European festival this summer in the Benelux! (Italian for "Good, Lux!")

Don't miss it. And if you, don't ever admit it to anyone.

- The Caspian Fashion Society

Occupy Amsterdam


Come and hear us play 99%* of our repertoire at the Occupy Amsterdam camp at Beursplein 5, and help us welcome our fantastic new violin player *Neske* to the Caspian Credit Consortium!

Microphones will be present, human and otherwise.


Beursplein 5 is at Beursplein, number 5.

Saturday, November 12., 21h00

*: Figure not accurate


Looking for a violin player

Do you like the noises we make? Do you want to help us make more of them?

People keep asking us when we're going to play again, and we sure are itching to.

If you can play the violin and you think you want to play with us, or you know someone you does, do let us know. We would ask you to try two of the unreleased songs: 'Fritz' and 'Le bokhale barvalenge'. You can find them on the website or myspace. Pass it on!
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2010/2011 winter tour

Our winter tour is in full swing now over. Next stop:

Budapest at the Gödör Klub on December 30
Wien (Vienna) at the Ost Klub on New Year's Eve
Manhattan, NY
Knoxville, TN
Little Rock, AR
Hattiesburg, MS
New Orleans, LA
home to our castles and cottages

See us in the full list of cities in Europe and the U.S. by checking our agenda.

See us in sexy glasses doing secretarial work by closing your eyes and thinking a lot.


Friends, Enemies, Eric:

On Tuesday our violin player Joseph plans to leave the country and basically the band, after 4 years of solid squeezing, tearing, screeching, crooning, touring, arranging, recording and performing.

Also on Tuesday, the mayor of Amsterdam will contradict his stated policy, as he plans to evict several squats, such as the Schoolstraat, 't Blijvertje, and Schijnheilig, for at least one of which the only plans existing are to fill it with anti-squatters.


Why don't you come to our concert at Schoolstraat 4 tomorrow at midnight,
and see if we can convince the relevant parties to change their minds?

Well, why don't you, huh? Friends, enemies, no need to answer. Eric: I
expect a prompt reply.

De mazzel,

Caspian Hat Dance

caspians in hungary

Dear friends! The Caspians are playing several amazing shows in Hungary. Come and see us, and check the website for details! (score: 8/10)

Dear Hungary! The Caspians are playing several amazing shows in you, and they're bringing their friends. Check the website for details! (score: 7/10)

Dear website! The Caspians are playing several amazing shows in Hungary, and they're bringing their friends. Check yourself for details! (score: 9/10)

Dear in! Sorry but you are a fairly useless part of speech. Some of my best friends are prepositions, but frankly they are pretty useless too. (score: 3/10)

P.S. The scores don't mean anything, but we are required to report them. Thank you -The Management (score: 5/10)

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upcoming concerts
Oct 27 - Nov 3 Reunion and CD-release Tour! amsterdam, budapest, and balaton
time: tba   price: tba

Oct 27 Balkan Beat Bar amsterdam
doors @ 21u

Amstelveenseweg 134

Oct 29 Lampas budapest
time: tba   price: tba

Oct 30 Szimpla budapest
time: tba   price: tba

Oct 31 balaton / lake balaton balaton / lake balaton
time: tba   price: tba

Nov 2 Vrankrijk amsterdam
time: tba   5 (suggested)

Nov 3 [secret] amsterdam
time: tba   price: tba

concerts you missed
Sep 29 Caspian Goodbye Party amsterdam
time: 22h00 Tolhuistuin

Tolhuisweg 5
€ 5

Goodbye, no foolin'. (See post in news section) w/Supercity, The Job, MY BABY We are really scheduled to start at 22h.

Sep 21 Tijd Festival amsterdam
doors @ 19.00 / caspians @ 20.00

hornweg 6
€ 10

Unsubsidised, unfettered and unmotivated by profit: 3-day festival at the biggest squat community in the Netherlands From their site: “ The ADM festival will this year explore the theme of time: are we facing the end of time? How do we experience time? Can time be slowed down or sped up? What do we want the future to look like? How does the past affect us? Does time even exist? The ADM TIJD festival will take place around the autumn equinox… Traditionally this is an important moment in the cycle of the sun and brings us back to a very basic notion of time – as a reflection of solar and seasonal cycles.. As the world around us is dragged down by the boom-and-bust economy where ‘time is money’ the ADM provides an escape-route. A rare and endangered free-place where people are experimenting with alternative lifestyles, learning to disconnect from the addiction to material wealth and to guide their own lives and how they spend their time. So, forget your watch and phone, leave behind the haste of modern society and adjust to ADM time. Immerse yourself in alternate theatrical worlds; lose yourself in the music; learn a timeless trade or inform yourself on the intricate relationship between time and space… ”

Sep 14 Wijk 7 Off-the-grid Festival amsterdam zuid-oost
doors @ 18.30 / caspian @ 23.00
Wijk 7

Daalwijkdreef 7

Do you like acoustic music? Do you want to know more about autonomy and self-sufficiency? Are you a hamster? If your answer to any of these questions was ‘Mark Rutte’ then you should check out Wijk 7’s ‘Off-the-grid Festival’, starting tonight, and catch us play acoustic as well later in the evening. They're closing the master switch for the electricity and the gas tap -- so it's 3 days of workshops on generating your own energy, sustainability, permaculture, clay and pizza/bread ovens, rocket stoves, live bands by campfires, poets and storytellers by candlelight, DJ's on bike generators, Yoga lessons, making (your own) paper out of (someone else’s) poo, and loads more. w/Amarins e le gatte negre, Supercity, Orsi's zoo, Storytelling by Rik & Sahand, much more. More info at Wijk 7's page - - - - Vrijdagavond 14 september: 18.30 Opening 19.00 Voku: Eten wat de pot schaft Big Fire: 21.00 Amarins e le gatte negre. Muziek. 22.00 Dichters uit Zuidoost. Poetry, zang en Bodyslap. 23.00 Caspian Hat Dance. Muziek. Magic Garden: 21.45 Story telling by Rik 22.15 Constantin. Muziek. Zaterdag 15 september: 14.00-17.00 Open Middag Art School. Presentaties, mogelijkheidtot inschrijven. Ontmoet de leraren. Stel al je vragen. Proeflessen zang en kindermuziek. 15.00-17.00 Daddy Mystic. Drumworkshop en schilderen. 15.00-18.00 Mosaic met Loyenda. 19.00 Voku: Eten wat de pot schaft Big Fire: 21.00 Orsi’s Zoo. Muziek. 22.00 To be announced. Muziek. 23.00 Super City. Muziek. 24.00 DJ Battery Low Magic Garden: 21.30 Story Telling by Sahand De Keuken van het Ongewenst Dier zal ook aanwezig zijn vanaf 21.00uur met hun Schiphol gans croquetten. Zondagmiddag 16 september: 12.00 Land Art Workshop. Werken met natuurlijke materialen. 14.00 Yoga met Katrin. 14.00 Stofbewerken met Laura Reiman. 15.00-18.00 Papier maken van koeienvlaai met The Poo

Sep 7 Café Belgique Anniversary ruigoord
time: midnight Ruigoord

the church
€ 10

Café Belgique is celebrating its 15th year of existence at Ruigoord and asked several good artists to play. They also asked us. Program: 18.00 - 20.00 DJ Uncle Fee 20.00 - 21.00 Humanos Magicos 21.00 - 22.00 DJ Uncle Fee 22.00 - 23.00 Supercity 23.00 - 24.00 Uncle Fee (act Bassculture jah Depender met violiste) 24.00 - 01.00 Caspian Hat Dance 01.00 - laat DJ dikke Thomas met zn vette platen

Sep 6 Eddie & the Eagles amsterdam
time: 21h OT 301

Overtoom 301
€ 8

From Eddie & the Eagles: ‘ A night with the ever sensational Caspian Hat Dance! punk and art from the Polish collective Dobre Cultural Platform in collaboration with Galeria Czułość and Fundacja Sztuk Wizualnych. impro from EKE: Gibson | Hoogland | Jäger and at the bar: afro jazz from MAU MAU! orgenized by dOeK, Eddie The Eagle Museum and Dobre Cultural Platform. eddietheeaglemuseum.com doek.org culturalplatform.com eketrio.wordpress.com caspianhatdance.com With: „I have no illusions” Polish Photography Project by DOBRE Cultural Platform curators: Agata Bar & Kamila Ławniczuk Exhibition “I have no illusions” gives insights to works of young Polish photographers. It should start with a statement that ‘We are the 1980’s generation’, whom were born during Poland’s transformation from communism towards a democratic, capitalist society. During this period, we were exposed to West-German commercials and American T.V. series, which gave us a misleading, fabricated view on life. As years went by, it became more certain that real world we were entering differed from the one represented in the media. Young photographers, from the 80’s generation, are trying to showcase their personal dichotomy between this commercialized, manufactured image and their day-to-day realities. In the process, they are introducing a counter-narrative in exposing the public to a more realistic view. Displayed imagines are definitely not just another colorful photographs from popular magazines. These works reflect their experiences. In the end, it became clear that there is no room for illusions which portrays the world better than it really is. Showcased Artists: Kaśka Maniak, Kamil Zacharski, Piotr Bekas, Weronika Ławniczak, Łukasz Rusznica, Lena Dobrowolska, Kuba Rubaj, Michał Lichtański, Krzysztof Pacholak, Dawid Misiorny. Also, presentation of Polish photobooks prepared in collaboration with Galeria Czułość (Warsaw) and Fundacja Sztu

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