Our work is licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license version 3.0. Basically this means that you can feel free to download it, share it, perform it, copy it, make CDs, give it to your friends, or even play it on your non-profit radio station or website.

There are three conditions:

  1. You must credit the work properly to us, and in one case, the original songwriter as well.
  2. You can not make money off of it in any way without asking us first -- this includes most movies, television, and radio. (But we will probably say yes!)
  3. Any work in which you include our work must also be licensed in a similar way.

Check the links below for more info.

Two more small points: your "fair-use" rights, as defined in your country, are not affected by this license. This includes for example quotation and parodying. Also, our "moral rights" are in full effect, meaning that you are not simply free to use our work on for example a white supremacist website; that doesn't apply in the U.S., however.


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