The dutch band Caspian Hat dance which does the music of the gypsy and [kurezuma] type.
After all, the band of this hand was even in Holland, -! Doing from this suspicious atmosphere, already it is regardless and considerably we like feeling, (laughing) as for band formation 7 total of the twin fiddle, the accordion, the guitar, the base, and twin percussion. So! As for the place where it should observe twin percussion.
That the twin percussion [tsu] [te] appearance it is good, I am thinking, the [ru] am, but the people [tsu] [te] which are done excessively it is not, is, don't you think?. Normally because it ends with the combination, drum and percussion, their this band formation privately is the pot. Sound of the rear man fiddler is good rather, is.

Doing from the feeling which you saw, and the feeling which is heard however you think, that it is the person of the classic rising, performing Eastern Europe melody cleanly, it increases. But regrettable CD debut has not done yet, because is (>_< ) in their home pages ?CD sale schedule? like thing is written, soon there is debut schedule kana.
You say or that so it is grateful, liberal rather than, because some tune it can download the sound source, the person who has interest please tries going to their home pages. Link does not paste here, but if it searches with band name, it hits directly.
It probably is caspin hat [tsu] [te] what kind of hat what which by the way becomes band name? The hat which they have worn so being?? When the person who has known is please teaches.
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